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United Kingdom

The UK manages to combine urban multiculturalism and rural tradition. Fly with us to the UK and be amazed at how diverse cities like London, Glasgow and Edinburgh can be. The Notting Hill carnival in London is a must-see with its international culinary delicacies and colourful costumes. The festive spirit takes hold of locals and tourists alike. London is the most famous city in the UK and seat of the UK parliament but it’s only one of many places you should visit. Edinburgh in Scotland is known for its bars and clubs where you can party until the break of day. It’s also a perfect base for trips to the Scottish countryside, to the legendary Loch Ness, for example. History buffs will love the Welsh capital, Cardiff, with its whisky tasting and water sports happily coexist with the National Museum and the 2,000-year old castle. Fly with us to the UK and enjoy the Highland Games in Scotland, go to a traditional game of polo or enjoy a round of golf.... read more


Albania is a rising star with an increasing number of Europeans deciding to spend their holidays in this southeast European country. Germanwings has some great fares to Albania, allowing you to see the beauty of the country first-hand. Enjoy its picture-postcard beaches and lots more. Albania’s museum city, Berat, should definitely be on your list if you like nothing better than discovering a country’s history through its museums. In the evening why not take a stroll through the many old towns as the sun goes down, wonder at the impressive mosques and the castles in Berat, Gijrokasta, Kruja and Shokdra. The ancient world can be found in Butrint, a UNESCO World Heritage site. Here you’ll find the remains of ancient theatres, baths and churches that are still unspoilt by mass tourism. Our great fares will take you straight to Albania’s wondrous landscape. Hike through the Albanian Alps or the Tomorr National Park or cycle along the country’s huge network of bike paths.... read more


Come rain or shine, sun or snow, Austria is a great destination. Germanwings’ fares there are even better. This central-European country has something for everyone. Why not stay in a spa hotel with panoramic views over a lake or plump for a hiking tour high up in the Alps? In the winter Austria has an amazing variety of sports to choose from, and not surprisingly Austrian sportsmen and women are world champions in everything from ski jumping, cross-country skiing, snowboarding or bobsleighing. Austria’s also a treat for your taste buds. Try a slice of authentic Sachertorte and a Viennese coffee at a Viennese coffee house or some Apfelstrudel or Kaiserschmarrn (shredded pancakes with fruit or jam) and try resisting seconds. If you prefer savoury, try a crispy Wiener Schnitzel (breaded veal) washed down with a refreshingly cold Stiegl beer. After you’ve arrived in comfort with Germanwings, finished a hearty Austrian meal, it’s time for a leisurely walk through Salzburg, birthplace of wunderkind Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, or a visit to one of the country’s many old castles. Relax in the... read more


Many people choose a holiday in Belgium to experience its cultural and culinary excellence. Germanwings will get you there for next to nothing and we’re sure you’ll be fascinated by what you discover. Brussels, the capital of Europe, is certainly Belgium’s most famous city. As well as the statue of the Manneken Pis and the Atomium, the city can also boast some wonderful architecture and a wide range of restaurants, shops and markets reflecting the multicultural nature of the city. Stroll through one of the weekly African markets and try traditional goat dishes. Hear a different language spoken on every corner and make a detour to the official museum of the European Union. Also worth a visit is Antwerp, just north of Brussels. This port city is known for its diamond-processing industry, and also for housing one of the oldest zoos in the world. Shoppers will be in heaven. History buffs should visit the beautiful castles of Wallonia and if architecture is your thing, you’ll be in awe of the historic centre of Bruges, a UNESCO World Heritage site. ... read more


If you’re looking for a relaxing holiday, our flights to Bosnia Herzegovina are great value for money. Over the past few years the country has seen huge expansion in its infrastructure, many roads and houses being completely refurbished. You’ll be bewitched by its expansive landscape, traditions and different cultures. If you’re an outdoor type, try the mountain-bike trails, go potholing, climbing or river-rafting. If you just need to unwind, there are lots of spas too. A great favourite is Sarajevo’s old town with its charming narrow streets. You’ll find nightlife in abundance too with cafés, bars and clubs galore. Culture vultures can choose from the many exhibitions of Romantic, Renaissance and modern art. Another popular destination is the coastal resort of Neum with its wonderful beach and typical Bosnian-Mediterranean climate.... read more


Croatia is an increasingly popular holiday destination for partygoers, senior citizens and families alike. Fly with Germanwings to Croatia and discover the country’s charms first hand. Croatia is very varied with historic cities, luscious forests, mountain ranges and sunny beaches to choose from. Enjoy a spa holiday by the sea, a hiking tour through the forests and mountains or discover the country’s rich history. Dubrovnik in southern Croatia is where most tourists head. It has the perfect balance of tradition and modern with its medieval old town and beautiful churches surrounded by sturdy town walls. At dusk the city’s Renaissance buildings are bathed in a deep red glow. As night takes over the city’s many bars and clubs get ready to party till the sun rises again. Split, which is on UNESCO’s world-heritage list, is not too far from Dubrovnik. Visit the ancient summer palace of the Roman emperor Diocletian.... read more


Those who fly to Cuba for fine cigars, rum, salsa bars, American old timers and dreamy beaches won't be disappointed. However, the Caribbean island nation offers so much more than these clichés! Cuba is the largest and most popular island in the Caribbean among tourists and, despite the difficult political situation faced by the socialist nation, the inhabitants are joyful, open-minded and very hospitable. The contrasts are another element that draws tourists. Visitors will find a warm climate all year round, unique nature, cities full of magnificent, colourful colonial buildings and kilometre-long, white sandy beaches. ... read more


The Mediterranean island of Cyprus is not the home of Aphrodite by chance. Its ineffable beauty starts to unfold even on the flight from Germany to Larnaca. Shortly before arriving at Larnaca International Airport (LCA), the flight to Cyprus treats you to some unique views of the Cypriot coast. This is where Aphrodite was stranded according to Greek myth. In 647 AD, the aunt of the Prophet Mohammed also landed on Cyprus amid the Arabian armies. The Greeks, Roman, Persians and, in the 19th century, the British have all laid claim to the island. Today, numerous direct flights from Germany to Larnaca (LCA) offer convenient and inexpensive access to the legendary holiday island of Cyprus. After arriving at Larnaca International Airport (LCA), you'll have a wealth of destinations to choose from and relax in. Nestled on the sunny southern coast, the port city of Larnaca enjoys an excellent reputation thanks to the hospitality of its residents and their long and eventful history. Yet smaller places such as Limassol and Paphos are also popular destinations. The four-hour flight from Germany... read more

Czech Republic

We have some great-value fares to the Czech Republic where you’ll be bowled over by its impressive castles, medieval cities, luxurious spa resorts and breathtaking national parks. Prague is the country’s most famous city, its innumerable churches giving it the moniker “city of a thousand spires”. You’ll definitely be impressed. It has a beautiful opera house, the famous castle, too many museums to mention, delicious restaurants and one of the most beautiful bridges in the world. The city centre is also shopping heaven, with chic boutiques, local bazaars, souvenir shops for tourists and large fashion chains. If you want to relax, find one of the city’s green oases or a cosy jazz bar, and while you’re at it have a famous Czech beer. Near Prague lies Karlovy Vary with its natural hot springs enticing guests from far and wide. You should also visit Karlštejn Castle, a gothic gem where the crown jewels of Bohemia are kept. Pilsen, home to the beer of the same name, is worth a visit. Go on a guided tour through the old underground tunnel system below the picturesque old town and pop in to... read more

Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic, often shorted to DomRep, lies on the eastern part of the island of Hispaniola, which it shares with the nation of Haiti. Like few other holiday destinations, it brings together everything you want for heavenly days in the sun: gorgeous Caribbean sandy beaches abutting a turquoise sea, comfortable accommodation with the right room for every taste, unique natural landscapes with tropical forests and picturesque mountains, and plenty of cultural sights. The Dominican Republic is the perfect holiday destination all year round, as the tropical climate maintains a steady, comfortable average temperature of 29 degrees Celsius. ... read more


With its breathtaking scenery, irresistible cheeses and fantastic wine, France has something for everyone and Germanwings can get you there without breaking the bank, whether you’re on a family holiday or a romantic city break for two in Paris, the city of love. Enjoy the sunny beaches of the Côte d'Azur, attack the waves with a surfboard on a beach in Normandy or have an unbelievable canoeing tour in the Mediterranean. Inland you can hike through the beautiful scenery of the Pyrenees, Brittany or Provence. However fantastic the French countryside is, France’s cities offer a wide range of cultural activities, as well as clubs and bars that combine night and day for young and old alike. Visit the Louvre in Paris to see the world-famous Mona Lisa, don’t miss the breathtaking beauty of the Eiffel Tower and stroll through the Baroque gardens that surround the chateau of Versailles. Discover Lyon, Bordeaux, Toulouse or Marseille, their impressive architecture, wide range of museums and musical highlights.... read more


Germanwings’ domestic fares and flight options are second to none. Germany is full of cities worth a visit, all with a rich history to draw on. Berlin is the biggest city and also the federal capital with just over 3.5 million inhabitants. You can visit the Reichstag and the incomparable view from the top of the television tower on Alexanderplatz. Artists and musicians from all over the world create their masterpieces in the city on the Spree, which has also seen the rise of many successful start-ups over the last decade or so. Hamburg is very different with one of the twenty largest container ports in the world. This provides not only jobs but also moulds the skyline of this Hanseatic city. We’re sure you’ve heard of FC St Pauli too. Fly to Cologne and visit the cathedral, one of the most beautiful anywhere in Germany. Celebrate carnival there too and enjoy the festive atmosphere in the run-up to one of the world’s most extraordinary events.... read more


There are very few countries that can compete with the birthplace of democracy on the holiday front. Our great fares to Greece open up a fascinating mix of ancient shrines, indescribably beautiful beaches and entertaining and luxurious holiday resorts. Greece has it all. Planning a trip with the kids? Why not try sunny but quiet islands like Corfu, Paxi or Cephalonia? You’ll have the choice of hotels or holiday homes if you want to discover a bit more of the country. If you want to go for some culture, journey back in time to ancient Greece and visit the Acropolis in Athens, the Greek National Museum of the Peloponnese peninsula, home to ancient cities such as Epidaurus, Corinth, Mycenae, or the Byzantine ghost town of Mystras. Fly with us to Greece and turn night into day in the Sporades and enjoy the sun on one of the tourist strongholds of Skiathos, Skopelos, Alonnisos or Skyros.... read more


Hungary is one of the most fascinating countries in Europe with its culture and language completely different from its neighbours’. Fly with Germanwings to Hungary and experience the charm and beauty of this country firsthand. Hungarians are a proud people, despite the many invasions over its turbulent history. And they have every right to be some magnificent historic cities, fortresses, castles and churches and breathtaking scenery. Hiking in Hungary is heaven. Some excellent wine is grown in the Tokaj region. You should try one of the country’s 100 spas heated through natural hot springs. Lake Balaton is the largest lake in central Europe and throughout the country you’ll find countless hotels, holiday homes, camping spots and guesthouses. Some of Hungary’s best restaurants can be found by the Hungarian Sea (as Lake Balaton is known, given its size). Indulge in some wine tasting or choose from a wide range of water sports, such as diving or water-skiing. Also well worth a visit is Tihany Abbey, another gem overlooking Lake Balaton. ... read more


Book a great fare with Germanwings and experience the beauty of Iceland first hand. Iceland is the land of fire, water and ice with its many glaciers and snow contrasting with its semi-active volcanoes, both of which have shaped Iceland’s landscape and ecosystem considerably. Fly with Germanwings to the famous Gullfoss waterfall (the golden waterfall) and gaze at the roaring torrents crashing down 70 meters from the Hvita glacier river, which then continues for 2.5 km working its way through the huge rocks of the mountains it gouges through. The 37-degree water in the inland Blue Lagoon is a must if you want to relax in a lava-lake water coloured deep blue by silicic acid, while all around you in winter the black lava beaches are covered in thick snow. The whole lagoon is littered with saunas, steam baths and massage areas ensuring you’ll leave completely refreshed. If you fly with us to Iceland in winter, you might be lucky enough to catch a glimpse of the Northern Lights dancing through the dark night sky.... read more


If you appreciate beautiful scenery and don’t mind a stiff breeze, Ireland’s the place for you, with its lush green landscape. Fly with Germanwings to Ireland and fall under the magic of this stunning Celtic island. You’ll be taken aback at the view over the Isles of Aran and the Cliffs of Moher, Ireland’s famous bluffs, rising 200m above the Atlantic coast. The west coast is particularly beautiful and worth seeing on the ‘Ring of Kerry’, a 170km-long coast road sweeping past bays where you can swim and magical little fishing villages. Ireland is also famous for its historic cloisters and castles. Kylemore Abbey, a fairy-tale castle on the shores of Lough Poolacappul, is one of the country’s most famous buildings. Feel a shiver go down your spine when you visit the old, ruined Rock of Cashel in search of fairies and sprites. As well as its unsurpassed beauty the island of Ireland can also offer you the Titanic exhibition in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Its extensive multimedia effects explain the story of the ship in the very city it was built in. ... read more


Don’t forget about Israel when you’re planning your next holiday. It’s a small country but still bursting with diversity and easily reached with Germanwings and our great fares. If you’re interested in Christianity, a trip to the Holy Land is a must. Visit biblical places like Jerusalem, Nazareth, Bethlehem and the Sea of Galilee and experience religion and history first hand. History buffs should visit historic towns like Bet Sche’an, Akkon and the famous Masada fortress. But don’t think that Israel is just for the religious or pilgrims. Tel Aviv is known as the party capital of the Middle East where you can party all night and where even the craziest party animals will feel at home. “L’chaim” (‘To life’) isn’t just what Israelis say when they toast, it’s also a mantra they live their lives by. Israel also attracts visitors flocking to its beautiful beaches. How about a diving trip to the Red Sea or a spa visit and float in the very salty Dead Sea?... read more


Travel with Germanwings to ancient Rome on one of our great fares to Italy. Stroll through the forum romanum and visit the Coliseum where 200 years ago slaves were killed in savage combat. Art-lovers should make a beeline to the Sistine Chapel to see Michelangelo’s masterpiece. Venice is the perfect destination for a romantic break for two with its narrow picturesque streets and canals. Visit St Mark’s cathedral and try on a typical Venetian ball mask. For foodies a visit to the Porta Nolana in Naples is advised, where market traders can be heard praising the freshness of their sardines, swordfish, oranges and home-made ice cream. If you prefer the countryside, highly recommended are the Dolomites in northern Italy or a hiking tour around Mont Black, the Matterhorn or Gran Paradiso. The region around Lake Como is also well worth a visit whether you’re a professional hiker amateur rambler. For a relaxing holiday, fly with Germanwings to Sardinia with its clear blue and green water shimmering as divers and windsurfers glide by. ... read more


Fly with Germanwings to Kosovo for an unforgettable holiday. Few countries are as attractive as this Balkan country with its breathtaking scenery and interesting culture. The locals are known for their hospitality and will welcome you with open arms. Make sure you spend some time in Pristina, the country’s beautiful capital. Visit the mosques in the old town and Kosovo’s National Museum with its stunning architecture and large collection of archaeological pieces. History buffs will enjoy a trip to the Ulpiana peninsula, one of the Balkan’s oldest cities. The Visoki Dečani cloister is a UNESCO World Heritage site, a real Gothic gem.... read more


Beaches that run for kilometres alongside a sparkling ocean, an exciting past shaped by ancient cultures and colourful folklore that still has the power to enchant visitors today: Mexico is all this and much more. This huge Central American country (almost six times as large as Germany) offers so many facets and regional differences that one trip is not enough to experience its cultural and scenic beauty to the fullest. Mexico has more than 12,000 kilometres of coastline along the Caribbean and the Pacific Ocean, offering everything you need for a sumptuous beach holiday under the palms. However, side trips inland are also worth your while. Quaint towns and exciting archaeological finds await you there. ... read more


Our great fares to Morocco will open your eyes to this diverse and interesting country. Morocco combines oriental charm, African desert adventure, great spots for surfing and a wealth of history. Some of the more interesting cities are Fez, Essaouira, Casablanca and the ever popular Marrakesh, which is in central Morocco, and so great as a base for travelling around this very diverse country. Take a trip through the picturesque Atlas Mountains, 2,000m above sea level, and descend the other side to meet the western edge of the Sahara. Outdoor activities include camel trekking, camping Bedouin style and off-road 4x4 desert tours. Marrakesh is ideal for culture vultures and shopaholics alike. The central square, Djemaa el Fna, is the main attraction in the old town of this former imperial city. Street performers and snake charmers jostle for position next to the food stalls selling local food and drink. This is your starting point for visiting the famous ‘souks’, where traders peddle a whole host of colourful handicrafts, clothes and souvenirs. Remember Marrakesh is just the beginning.... read more


The Netherlands has something to offer for everyone. Whether you’re on a business trip, with the family or celebrating an upcoming wedding, this progressive country has it all, from cuisine to entertainment and culture. Fly with us to the Netherlands and get a feel for the perfect mix of rural tradition and lively city culture. The country is crisscrossed by streams and rivers flowing into the North Sea, making this parliamentary monarchy a kingdom literally built on its water and dykes, and littered with lakes, canals and breathtaking coastline. The country isn’t known for its hills so a bike tour makes perfect sense. This is also the way the Dutch move around. The country’s extensive cycle-path network is the best way to visit town and country alike. Culture vultures will be in heaven in Amsterdam, the multicultural capital of the nation. Don’t even think about missing the exhibitions of famous Dutch painters at the Rijksmuseum or the Vincent van Gogh Museum. Take a tour of the city’s canals for a different take on Amsterdam and stop off at Anne Frank’s house and delve into her... read more


Germanwings’ great fares are the best way to get to Norway, the land of infinite beauty, icy glaciers, steep ravines and crystal-clear fjords. The home of untouched natural beauty. Experience 24-hour summer sunshine on the Lofoten Islands or the Northern Lights dancing gracefully across the night sky in winter. Or why not see polar bears in their natural habitat on the sub-polar island of Svalbard? Nature is what Norway does best, but its cities have a certain charm about them as well. Discover Oslo, the country’s capital, its stylish layout, architecture and über-modern opera house. Dive into Norway’s history, literally, at the Norsk Folkemuseum, the large open-air museum on the Bygdøy peninsula. Gourmets in Norway won’t go home hungry with fresh fish and seafood, as well as more exotic dishes like moose or reindeer on the menu. If you want to put your own ladle to use, you’ll appreciate a visit to the Matthalen fresh-produce market hall in Oslo. Bryggen, a UNESCO World Heritage site in the busy harbour city of Bergen, will wow you with its great fish restaurants overlooking the... read more


Poland is a holiday destination heavily underestimated by tourists so take advantage of our great fares and discover this diverse, amazing country first hand. The most famous city in Poland is Warsaw. On the west bank of the Vistula you’ll find the old town and a wide range of attractions and museums with visitors from all corners of Europe. Visit the castle and the king’s summer residence along the city’s Royal Route, with its impressive churches, art galleries and museums. Unlike Warsaw Krakow came through the second world war unscathed. Why not stroll through its historic streets and peer into the many churches and museums, each with their unique story to tell? One sombre period in 20th-century history is commemorated at the memorial to the Auschwitz concentration camp just 60 km from Krakow. You’ll be sure to be touched by a visit here.... read more


Fly with Germanwings for next to nothing to Portugal at the western edge of Europe. Portugal will bewitch you, wherever you go. Try the sunny Algarve for an unforgettable family holiday, a city break with friends for a weekend of partying or simply take in the country’s long history. Portugal is the perfect destination for culture vultures with magnificent churches and cloisters attracting millions believers every year. In Tomar you can visit the 12th-century Convento do Cristo cloister that became a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1983. Visit the Cristo Rei statue of Christ in Lisbon, Faro cathedral, the highest church spire in the country in Porto or the pilgrimage site of Fátima, where Mary supposedly appeared in 1917. Peneda Gerês National Park contains splashing streams, torrential rivers, breathtaking waterfalls and a whole host of fauna to observe. ... read more


Romania is a land of contrasts. You might think you know the country and yet be surprised at what you find around the next corner. Our great Germanwings fares will fly you to Romania and away from the hordes of tourists elsewhere. It’s perfect for a family holiday, a last-minute city break or a trip to the countryside. Hike through the breathtaking scenery of the Carpathian Mountains, bask in the warm climes of the Black Sea’s sunny beaches and visit picturesque Transylvania, often reduced to its most famous inhabitant, Count Vlad Dracul. The capital, Bucharest, is a must-see. It was heavily influenced by France in the past and was known as the ‘Paris of the east’. Stuccoed buildings, art-deco architecture, grandiose communist boulevards and restored boyar houses line up side by side in the city centre in a dazzling architectural mix. Start your sightseeing tour by visiting the gigantic Palațul Parlamentului (Palace of the Parliament), the second largest building in the world. Why not experience nightlife in the capital, anything but a dreary post-socialist backwater, with its chic... read more


Russia is as diverse as it is massive and has something to offer every traveller, as you would expect from the world’s biggest country. Fly with Germanwings to Russia and discover the great cities of Moscow and St Petersburg. You can’t go to Russia and not see the Kremlin, Red Square, palatial churches or the treasures in the Hermitage. Russia has even more to offer. It is so much more than just a mere postcard cover. There are over 100 ski resorts in Russia, including on the country’s highest mountain, Mt Elbrus. Passionate skiers and snowboarders come here all year round and take advantage of this land of cold and ice. Russia has over 30 national parks, home to reindeer, moose, wolves and brown bears. You can walk for hours and not come across a soul. The spas in the northeast of the country will help you unwind with scorching-hot, mineral-bearing springs and geysers bubbling out of the lava rock of these active volcanoes. Their soothing waters mean rest and relaxation are guaranteed.... read more


Around 10% of Serbia is covered by magnificent conservation national parks such as Djerdap, Sar Planina, Kopanik, Fruska Gora and Tara. The water in the many lakes is crystal clear, the woods are some of the oldest in Europe, nature here is untouched and this is reflected in the huge variety of flora and fauna. Southern Serbia is home to the Dinaric Alps, the Balkan Mountains and the Carpathians where you can hike or cycle to your heart’s content. Here you can relax at one of the many spa resorts heated by mineral hot springs. Belgrade is the cultural capital with an impressive fortress that literally oozes history. The Serbian National Museum, various events and a lively nightlife make the Serbian capital really worth a visit. ... read more


Let Germanwings fly you to Spain for next to nothing and discover an irresistible mix of sunshine and breathtaking scenery. Spain has it all, whether you want some sea, some partying or a family holiday along the Costa Blanca or Costa del Sol. Spanish beaches have lots to offer as far as water sports go. Alternatively you can just lie back and get a suntan on one of the country’s many golden beaches. When the sun goes down, Spain comes to life. You’ll see huge pans of paella being served, washed down with some refreshing sangria. You can let your hair down and party all night long in the multitude of bars and clubs. The joie de vivre of the Spanish is most striking in the big cities, littered with baroque cathedrals, modernist architecture, Roman ruins and Muslim palaces. Barcelona is the cultural heart of Spain with a full house of medieval, contemporary and avant-garde architecture. You’ll find many musicians and artists have also made this city their home, a city with some of the best restaurants in the country. A mere day away are the Pyrenees, where you can hike to your heart’s... read more


Fly with us and discover Sweden’s outstanding natural beauty, be it in the thickly-wooded pine forests and steep mountains of the north or the undulating hills overlooking golden beaches in the south. City-trippers and business travellers alike can marvel at the unique character of each of Sweden’s cities. Whether you’re in Malmö, Stockholm or Gothenburg don’t miss the beautiful architecture and historic backdrop. What binds them is style, modernity and civility. You’ll be in love with Stockholm as you soon as you step off the plane. This is the home of style and fashion with its many boutiques happily co-existing with medieval beauty and the arts. Visby, on the island of Gotland, has one of the best-maintained medieval settlements in Sweden as well as the impressive ruins of Sankta Karin’s church. Malmö and its port are also very popular as they are linked by the Öresund Bridge to Copenhagen in Denmark. ... read more


Switzerland is an ideal holiday destination if you’re looking for breathtaking landscape, extraordinary hospitality, delicious food and a passion for winter sports. Book a great-value fare to Switzerland and experience first hand. Snow-covered mountains and perfectly blue skies will tempt you onto your skis or snowboards and see the stress evaporate. Popular ski resorts are Zermatt, Verbier and St Moritz, where you’ll brush shoulders with stars and millionaires. Summertime attracts hikers and cyclists cruising along crystal-clear mountain lakes teeming with flora and fauna. Bern, the country’s capital, combines culture, tradition and shopping all in one. The cultural capital of Switzerland, however, is Zurich with its many exhibitions, museums, modern architecture, lively nightlife, opera performances and stylish bars and clubs. ... read more


From the foothills of the Himalayas in northern Thailand over the jungle landscapes, ancient ruins and the metropolis of Bangkok in the centre of the nation to the heavenly island beaches in the south, Thailand offers you a virtually endless variety of unique travel destinations. Immerse yourself in the exotic world of everyday Thailand, the colourful nightly markets and aromatic cook shops. Whether you head inland or stay near the coast, the genial, hospitable Thai are ready to greet you and invite you to leave your cares behind. It is rightfully called the "land of smiles". Book your flights to Thailand now and experience the fascinating culture, spectacular landscapes and world-famous cuisine of this Asian kingdom. ... read more


Fly with us to Tunisia and discover the culture and climate of this exotic country. As soon as you leave the plane you will notice how important Islam is in this North African country. Throughout Tunisia you’ll see Muslim temples, such as the Al-Zaytouna Mosque in Tunis or the Sidi Okba Mosque in Kairouan, a famous pilgrimage site for Muslims. These temples, while not always fully open to non-Muslims, are beautiful buildings in their own right with even more spectacular interiors. Amateur archaeologists will be jumping for joy in the ruins of the ancient city of Carthage or the well-maintained ancient city of Dougga, a UNESCO World Heritage site since 1997. The Berber town of Matmata is also highly recommended with its Berber dwellings literally built into the side of the rock face, thus making them almost invisible from far away. To protect the locals from being overrun by tourists, visits are only permitted during certain times.... read more


Fly with Germanwings to Turkey and discover the diversity and beauty of this great country. Turkey is unique in Europe with its mix of nationalities, cultures and landscape. You’ll find huge mountain ranges, wide, open plains, beautiful deserted beaches, all-inclusive holiday resorts, small, picturesque villages and the beating heart of its main cities. With its eclectic past and constant immigration you’ll find Arabs, Greeks, Kurds and many other nationalities who all proudly call Turkey their home. Over the centuries invasions and shifts in power have left their mark in the many archaeological findings and sites. Once you’ve had your fill of delving into the past you can focus on the Turkey of today. Istanbul has many famous churches, mosques, and countless bazaars where you can buy almost anything. Have a world-famous Turkish coffee or apple tea in a café in the winding streets of the old town. Smoke a hookah and taste the traditional delicacies you’re sure to be offered. ... read more

United Arab Emirates

Travellers to the United Arab Emirates will find a fascinating blend of old, Islamic tradition and opulent, fast-paced modernism. Megaprojects like the man-made islands, the tallest building and the most luxurious hotels in the world have made the UAE, especially Dubai, famous and one of the most attention-grabbing travel destinations well beyond the Arab world. The United Arab Emirates are comprised of seven autonomous emirates, each named after their capital cities: Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Ajman, Fujairah, Ras al-Khaimah, Sharjah and Umm al-Quwain. More than just the largest emirate in terms of area, Abu Dhabi is also the capital of the UAE. ... read more

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BAG 2 - 5 Baggage surcharge per additional item of checked luggage €75 / £68 / CHF 99 / $104 / CZK 2,100 / SEK 750 / NOK 615 / PLN 345 / HUF 24,750 €150 / £135 / CHF 198 / $209 / CZK 4,200 / SEK 1,500 / NOK 1,230 / PLN 630 / HUF 49,500 / AED 756 / THB 6,753
XBA/XMA Excess luggage surcharge for the first item of luggage of up to 9 kg of excess weight €50 / £45 / CHF 66 / $70 / CZK 1,400 / SEK 500 / NOK 410 / PLN 230 / HUF 16,500 €100 / £90 / CHF 132 / $139 / CZK 2,800 / SEK 1,000 / NOK 820 / PLN 420 / HUF 33,000 / AED 504 / THB 4,502
XBB-XBE/MBXME Excess luggage surcharge for additional items of excess luggage of up to 9 kg of excess weight €50 / £45 / CHF 66 / $70 / CZK 1,400 / SEK 500 / NOK 410 / PLN 230 / HUF 16,500 €100 / £90 / CHF 132 / $139 / CZK 2,800 / SEK 1,000 / NOK 820 / PLN 420 / HUF 33,000 / AED 504 / THB 4,502
SKI Transport of ski equipment weighing up to max. 30 kg (skis/snowboards – max. 3 pairs/boards per person) incl. accessories such as sticks and ski/snowboarding boots (depending on availability) no charge no charge
WEA Transport of sports weapons per item (incl. ammunition) €50 / £45 / CHF 66 / $70 / CZK 1,400 / SEK 500 / NOK 410 / PLN 230 / HUF 16,500 €100 / £90 / CHF 132 / $139 / CZK 2,800 / SEK 1,000 / NOK 820 / PLN 420 / HUF 33,000 / AED 504 / THB 4,502
GOLF Transport of golf equipment per set €50 / £45 / CHF 66 / $70 / CZK 1,400 / SEK 500 / NOK 410 / PLN 230 / HUF 16,500 €100 / £90 / CHF 132 / $139 / CZK 2,800 / SEK 1,000 / NOK 820 / PLN 420 / HUF 33,000 / AED 504 / THB 4,502
BIKE Transport of bicycle (packed securely for transport) per bike
Packing material is not provided by Germanwings/Eurowings (depending on availability)
€50 / £45 / CHF 66 / $70 / CZK 1,400 / SEK 500 / NOK 410 / PLN 230 / HUF 16,500 €100 / £90 / CHF 132 / $139 / CZK 2,800 CZK / SEK 1,000 / NOK 820 / PLN 420 / HUF 33,000 / AED 504 / THB 4,502
SPEQ Transport of the following specialised equipment: bodyboard, surfboard, sailboard/hang-glider, diving equipment (depending on availability) €50 / £45 / CHF 66 / $70 / CZK 1,400 / SEK 500 / NOK 410 / PLN 230 / HUF 16,500 €100 / £90 / CHF 132 / $139 / CZK 2,800 / SEK 1,000 / NOK 820 / PLN 420 / HUF 33,000 / AED 504 / THB 4,502

 Please note:

If your booking consists of an etix® ticket number and/or a Germanwings/Eurowings flight booked via one of our partner airlines or at a travel agency, luggage rules may vary. Please contact the relevant airline or travel agency for more information.

Specific services

ADD Service surcharge levied on a booking or booking change (flight date) in line with Article 5.2.3 of the GCC, as booked via the call centre, at a Germanwings/Eurowings airport sales desk or through a commercial agent €20 / £18 / CHF 26 / $28 / CZK 560 / SEK 200 / NOK 164 / PLN 92 / HUF 6,600 (per booking, not per person and per journey) €20 / £18 / CHF 26 / $28 / CZK 560 / SEK 200 / NOK 164 / PLN 92 / HUF 6.600 / AED 101 / THB 900 plus difference in current flight price
RBK Charge for a change to the flight date up to 30 minutes before departure €65 / £59 / CHF 86 / $90 / CZK 1,820 / SEK 650 / NOK 533 / PLN 273 / HUF 21,450 plus difference in current flight price €90 / £81 / CHF 119 / $125 / CZK 2.520 / SEK 900 / NOK 738 / PLN 378 / HUF 29.700 / AED 454 / THB 4.052 zzgl. Differenz zum aktuellen Flugpreis plus difference in current flight price
NC1 Change of name per person and per booking €65 / £59 / CHF 86 / $90 / CZK 1,820 / SEK 650 / NOK 533 / PLN 273 / HUF 21,450 plus difference in current flight price €120 / £108 / CHF 158 / $167 / CZK 3,360 / SEK 1,200 / NOK 984 / PLN 504 / HUF 39,600 / AED 605 / THB 5,403 plus difference in current flight price
PETC Transport of pets up to 8 kg in an appropriate container (Containers for transporting pets are not provided by Germanwings/Eurowings) €40 / £36 / CHF 53 / $56 / CZK 1,120 / SEK 400 / NOK 328 / PLN 184 / HUF 13,200 (no additional charge for guide dogs) €70 / £63 / CHF 92 / $97 / CZK 1,960 / SEK 700 / NOK 574 / PLN 294 / HUF 23,100 / AED 353 / THB 3,152 (no additional charge for guide dogs)
TAFR Surcharge per payment by credit card or Paypal (e.g. in the case of adding luggage or purchasing flight vouchers) 2% of the payment amount (for domestic German flights plus VAT) 2% of the payment amount
TAFG Surcharge for payments by credit card for group bookings per person and leg 2% of the payment amount (for domestic German flights plus VAT) 2% of the payment amount
INF Service charge per leg for children up to 2 years of age €15 / £14 / CHF 20 / $21 / CZK 420 / SEK 150 / NOK 123 / PLN 69 / HUF 4,950 €75 / £68 / CHF 99 / $104 / CZK 2,100 / SEK 750 / NOK 615 / PLN 315 / HUF 24,750 / AED 378 / THB 3,377
UM Supervision of children between 5 and 11 travelling alone (unaccompanied minor service in accordance with Article 21) only within Germany and on flights from Germany to Zurich and Vienna €50 / £45 / CHF 66 / $70 / CZK 1,400 / SEK 500 / NOK 410 / PLN 210 / HUF 16,500 not available
Pushchairs Transport of pushchairs on airport apron, on aircraft steps, in the airport no charge no charge
SEF Seat reservation – standard (Middle seat) €8 / £7 / CHF 11 / $11 / CZK 224 / SEK 80 / NOK 66 / PLN 34 / HUF 2,640 €10 / £9 / CHF 13 / $14 / CZK 280 / SEK 100 / NOK 82 / PLN 46 / HUF 3.300 / AED 50 / THB 450
SEF Seat reservation – standard (Aisle or window) €12 / £11 / CHF 16 / $17 / CZK 336 / SEK 120 / NOK 98 / PLN 50 / HUF 3,960 €20 / £18 / CHF 26 / $28 / CZK 560 / SEK 200 / NOK 164 / PLN 84 / HUF 6,600 / AED 101 / THB 900
SEF Seat reservation with more legroom (in BASIC fare) €20 / £18 / CHF 26 / $28 / CZK 560 / SEK 200 / NOK 164 / PLN 84 / HUF 6,600
(including snack & drink)
€90 / £81 / CHF 119 / $125 / CZK 2.520 / SEK 900 / NOK 738 / PLN 378 / HUF 29.700 / AED 454 / THB 4.052
SEF Seat reservation with more legroom (in SMART fare) no charge
(including snack & drink)
€50 / £45 / CHF 66 / $70 / CZK 1.400 / SEK 500 / NOK 410 / PLN 210 / HUF 16.500 / AED 252 / THB 2.251
  Extra seat: empty middle seat (valid for the transport of musical instruments larger than a guitar) Extra ticket (same price as existing ticket if booked by midnight on the same day; otherwise the flight fare on the day the private seat is booked) Extra ticket (same price as existing ticket if booked by midnight on the same day; otherwise the flight fare on the day the private seat is booked)

Other charges

CBF Flat-rate compensation per returned direct debit €7.65 / £7 / CHF 10 / $11 / CZK 214 / SEK 77 / NOK 63 / PLN 35 / HUF 2,525 €7,65 / £7 / CHF 10 / $11 / CZK 214 / SEK 77 / NOK 63 / PLN 35 / HUF 2.525 / AED 39 / THB 344
Charge-incurring booking change and cancellation in fares with the Flex option in line with Article 19.4.3 €75 / £68 / CHF 99 / $104 / CZK 2,100 / SEK 750 / NOK 615 / PLN 345 / HUF 24,750 €90 / £81 / CHF 119 / $125 / CZK 2,520 / SEK 900 / NOK 738 / PLN 378 / HUF 29,700 / AED 454 / THB 4,052


For further information please consult our General Conditions of Carriage.

Our fares at a glance



Our budget fare


Our standard fare


Our comfort fare
  Collect miles - Boomerang Club or Miles & More
          Increased mileage credit, including HON Circle miles
  Snack & drink From €6       À la carte catering
  1 bag up to 23 kg €15
if booked online
  2nd bag up to 23 kg €75
if booked online
if booked online
  Preferred seating
(Middle Seat)
€8       In rows 1-3
  Preferred seating
(Aisle or window)
€12       In rows 1-3
  Seat with more legroom
Snack & drink included
where available
Where available
  Throughout the 
Airbus fleet
  Adjacent seat free            
  Lounge access Lounge access at select airports for HON and SEN Lounge access at select airports for HON, SEN and FTL
Lounge access at select airports
hand luggage compartment
  Priority check-in
and boarding
  Access to security fast lane           At select airports
  Booking changes Surcharge Free with Flex option * Free with Flex option *
  Cancellation     Free with Flex option * Free with Flex option *
Special luggage and sport equipment
Surcharge **
(price depends on service)
Surcharge **
(price depends on service)
Surcharge **
(price depends on service)


Our budget fare


Our standard fare


Our Premium fare
  Collect miles - Boomerang Club or Miles & More
          Mileage credit, including HON Circle miles
  SMART-Meals       One warm and one cold meal incl.     À la carte catering
(Six meals to chose from)
Sky-Meal from €7,90
  Can be added to SMART-Meals     À la carte catering
  À la carte catering            
  1 bag up to 23 kg €30
if booked online
  2nd bag up to 23 kg €150
if booked online
if booked online
  Preferred seating
(Middle seat)
€10       In rows 1-3
  Preferred seating
(Aisle or window)
€20       In rows 1-3
  Seat with more legroom
where available
where available
  Premium seating in the exclusive area        
  More legroom and a comfortably adjustable backrest included        
  Lounge access   Lounge access at select airports for HON, SEN and FTL
Lounge access at select airports
hand luggage compartment
  Priority check-in
and boarding
  Access to security fast lane           At select airports
  Booking changes Surcharge Free with Flex option * Free with Flex option *
  Cancellation     Free with Flex option * Free with Flex option *
Special luggage and sport equipment
Surcharge **
(price depends on service)
Surcharge **
(price depends on service)
Surcharge **
(price depends on service)

     Cannot be added

* Can be added for a surcharge; free booking changes and cancellation possible until the end of the departure date
** Where available

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When flying from, to or over certain countries (such as flights from and to United Kingdom), airlines are required by law to collect certain data through the Advance Passenger Information System (APIS) and to forward it to the authorities of those countries prior to the flight.

The following information is required:

  • Title
  • First name and surname
  • Date and country of birth
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  • Nationality
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