Train tickets

Train Tickets

Rail&Fly for 29 €

Germanwings passengers can take the Rail&Fly option and travel throughout Germany by rail to their international flight or to their destination after their flight. It’s easy and cheap. 

For just 29 € per leg and person you can travel by rail including ICE trains in 2nd class from and to our German departure airports.

Children up to 2 travel free. The Rail&Fly ticket is valid on the day you fly plus also one day after arrival in Germany or one day before departure.

Book a Rail&Fly ticket

Rail&Fly booking

Rail&Fly tickets can only be booked online in connection to an international flight booking on (“outbound and return”, or “just outbound” – “just return” cannot be booked).

The Rail&Fly ticket cannot be purchased for domestic German flights, connecting flights, or flights from and to Amsterdam, Brussels, Paris, Salzburg, Vienna or Zurich.

One Rail & Fly online ticket can currently be issued for up to 9 people.

For Blind-Booking flights you can add a Rail&Fly ticket once you’ve booked under My Germanwings.

icket trains can only be booked for routes paid in euros.

Your travel documents

Click on the clearly indicated link in your Germanwings booking confirmation, download your Rail&Fly online ticket and print it off.

Please ensure you have with you in the train the printout of the Rail&Fly online ticket, the Germanwings booking confirmation and the identification card indicated when booking (BahnCard/credit card).

Rail&Fly online tickets cannot be transferred to other people. The passenger and BahnCard/credit-card holder must be identical.

If you do not have one of the aforementioned documents, the Rail&Fly online ticket is not valid. With tickets for multiple passengers all passengers must arrive together and present their travel documents for inspection in the train.

Adding a Rail&Fly ticket at a later date

You can book Rail&Fly tickets in step two of the booking process. You can also add Rail&Fly tickets to a previously booked flight in the My Germanwings section.

If your booked international Germanwings flight consists of an etix® ticket number and/or a Germanwings flight booked with one of our partner airlines or through a(n) (online) travel agency, to book or add on Rail&Fly tickets please contact the relevant partner airline or travel agency.

Validity of Rail&Fly tickets

Your Rail&Fly online ticket (depending on whether you booked an outbound and/or inward ticket) is valid on the flight day and 1 day after arrival in Germany and/or 1 day before departure. The period between outbound and inward flights cannot exceed six months. Arrival and departure must be direct to the destination airport and/or the home station/destination station.

You may take these trains

The ticket allows second-class travel within Germany on all scheduled Deutsche Bahn AG trains (InterCityExpress, InterCity, EuroCity, InterRegioExpress, RegionalExpress, RegionalBahn and S-Bahn (urban trains)). IC/EC surcharges and ICE supplements are included. Rail&Fly online tickets are not valid for travel on DB car-transport trains, special trains, InterConnex, Cisalpino or non-federally owned trains (NE trains). On the ICE Sprinter and DB night trains/CityNightLine services regular surcharges apply.

Reserve a seat

A Rail&Fly ticket does not include a seat reservation. You can reserve seats on the Deutsche Bahn website, amongst other places.

Rebooking and cancelling

Rail&Fly online tickets cannot be cancelled or refunded, nor can the date be changed. Please contact our call centre with any queries. You cannot change the name of flight tickets and Rail&Fly tickets via the contact centre.

Arrive on time

You should select your connection so as to ensure you arrive at the departure airport at the latest 2 hours before departure, taking into account possible delays. Each passenger is responsible for arriving punctually. Germanwings cannot accept liability for flights being missed due to the late arrival of buses or trains.