Check-In and mobile boarding card

Mobile boarding card

Quick and easy

With Germanwings’ mobile Check-In service it’s quick and easy to check in using a mobile with Internet connection, wherever you are. Choose where you want to sit and have your boarding card sent to your mobile in a text message.

Go straight to the departure gate with your mobile boarding card and scan the 2D barcode. Avoid the queues at the check-in desk and board the plane unflustered!

Info on mobile Check-In

Hand in your luggage at the special baggage drop-off desk or the normal check-in desk. You can check in online between 72 and 3 hours before departure. If you're flying from a German airport, you can check in online up to 30 minutes before departure (except from Friedrichshafen, Rostock-Laage and Frankfurt). Our mobile check-in service is now available for all German and some European departure airports. For the full list of airports type "" into your mobile phone's web browser. If you’re taking a connecting flight or have requested specific additional services, mobile check-in is not allowed.

Mobile Check-In works like this

Connect your mobile to the Internet and type in “” in the web browser. Then click on “Check-In”.

Log in by entering the 6-figure booking code and your surname (make sure you enter the spelling as in the booking) and click on “continue”.

Flight list: Overview of flights booked per passenger and leg with info on flight date and time, departure and arrival airport and the flight number. Choose the flight you want and click on “go to Check-In”.

Seating diagram: Choose the seat you want*, by the window, on the aisle, wherever you want to sit. Click on the seat you want or move up and down the plane with “forward” or “back”. Then click on “confirm seat”.

Mobile boarding card: To receive your mobile boarding card via e-mail or in a text message on your mobile click on “Check-In” (if the passenger hasn’t yet been checked in) or “request” (if the passenger is already checked in).Check-In confirmation: Confirmation you have checked in and that the mobile boarding card has been sent, plus a final overview with all flight-relevant information (date, seat, departure and arrival airport, flight number, departure and arrival time, gate). Please remember that this function is only available for one check-in via the mobile portal.

*Please note that the following persons cannot sit in the row next to the emergency exit due to security regulations laid down by the authorities: infants and children (under 19); people who bring animals on board; expectant mothers; people with physical and/or mental disabilities; people of reduced mobility due to their body size, age or illness. When you reserve a seat next to the emergency exit, you declare that you and the people you are booking for do not fall into any of these categories. If you do, we reserve the right to allocate the person(s) in question a different seat. We will not reimburse the reservation cost. In case of doubt Germanwings cabin crew have the right to decide.