On-board service

Our crew is looking forward to welcoming you on board

Our crew is looking forward to welcoming you on board

We hope you will feel comfortable on board and this is exactly what our highly professional crew is there to do.

We aim to provide premium service and are ready to answer any questions you might have.

You can also enjoy our on-board Germanwings magazine, which is free for you to peruse. Click here to read or download the current edition.

Snacks and à la carte menu with monthly specials

Enjoy our freshly-prepared dishes, spicy little snacks, tempting sweet treats, plus hot and cold drinks. We serve regional products that are made the traditional way from unusual recipes, and we change them on a monthly basis.

BEST-fare passengers can choose whatever they like, any snack or drink on the menu free of charge.

SMART-fare passengers are served a hearty snack, 0.2l of still water and a chocolate bar, plus a second drink.

Shopping in the sky

Discover our exclusive range of attractive fragrances, accessories, watches, jewellery and gadgets at great prices.

Before you board you can leaf through our interactive SkyShop magazine and decide what you'd like before you take off.

On board we'll be happy to bring your purchases to your seat.

Please note

All articles can be paid either in cash (€) or with a credit card starting from 5 € (Visa or Mastercard).

Having a high number of passengers on short-haul flights with a journey time of less than 60 minutes may result in a more limited range of services.