Frequently asked questions

How can I check in with my mobile?

You check in on your mobile between 72 and 3 hours before departure. From all domestic German and many other European airports you can even check in up to 30 minutes before departure.

You can check in on your mobile via the homepage of our mobile services or the main menu under “check-in” or “manage flights”. You simply need your six-figure booking code and the surname the booking was issued under.

If you already have a Germanwings account, and have registered with our mobile services, when you call up the check-in page you will see all the booked flights you can check in for.

Moreover, as a registered customer, your individual homepage will send you a reminder 72 hours before departure telling you your flight is available for check-in.

When you check in, you can decide to receive your boarding pass as a text message or e-mail or have it stored in Passbook or your iPhone or Android app.

On flights operated by partner airlines, their respective check-in provisions apply.

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