Mobile Services

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The Germanwings App

Germanwings app for iPhone, iPad and iTouch

Free on the App Store now!

Your perfect travel guide: Germanwings’ free app for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch!

Get updated information on our timetable or check the status of your flight wherever you are. If something crops up, no worries! You can change your booking from your mobile phone up to an hour before departure. Download from the App Store now:

More luggage than thought?

Use the Germanwings app to add luggage or book a seat up to 3 hours before departure, wherever you are.

Be the first to know!

We’ll keep you abreast of the latest travel information as soon as we get it, via our new info section.

Keep in contact

Use the Germanwings app to be up-to-date with our Facebook and Twitter feeds.

Ready for Boarding?

Check in with the app up to 72 hours before departure and have your boarding pass in your pocket at all times, even if you’re not online!

Be on the ball at all times

Get up-to-date information on our flight timetable or find out about the status of your flight, wherever you are.

Your app gets you

Log in with your Germanwings account and use mobile booking to get where you want to more quickly.

As flexible as you

Services you use most often automatically come to the fore. So you always have quick access to your favorites!

Collect Miles

Grab your reward flight with both hands: when booking via the app you can collect Boomerang Club and Miles & More miles.

Germanwings’ mobile service

New: mobile extras

You’re about to fly off and you realise you have more luggage than you thought? Or you think you would like to reserve a seat after all? Using our mobile page you can add luggage and choose a seat up to 3 hours before departure. Save up to 60% on the price you’d pay if you wait till you get to the airport desk! Remember that you can only add on extras if you haven’t yet checked in.


Book and go!

Let’s say you need to book a flight but don’t have access to a computer. Don’t fret. With Germanwings’ mobile service you can browse and book bargain flights wherever you are, and whatever time it is.

Just call up on your mobile, click on “Booking”, select your flights and book there and then. You’ll receive your booking confirmation, all the flight details and a link to be able to check in on your mobile (if the flight is within the following 24 hours).


Simple, quick, from wherever!

Let’s say you’re on the road and need to check in for a flight. With our mobile service it takes no time at all. If you have a mobile with Internet connection, go to, click on “Check-In” to check in between 72 hours and 3 hours before departure (if you're flying from a German airport, you can check in on your mobile up to 30 minutes before departure (except from Friedrichshafen, Rostock-Laage and Frankfurt)), enter your booking code, select the flight and choose your seat. Easy, eh? You´ll recieve a mobile boarding card directly to your mobile phone einther as a text message link or as e-mail.

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Mobile boarding card

Barcode boarding: To complete the mobile Check-In process we send you a boarding card to your mobile. You can choose whether you get the mobile boarding card on your mobile as a text message link or e-mail.

The mobile boarding card on your mobile is valid as a boarding document. You do not need to print out the mobile boarding card – just scan the barcode of your boarding card at the gate and board the plane.

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Flight status and flight plan

Your mobile has all the info.

Let’s say you’ve booked your flight and want to know if there have been any changes to it. Just get out your mobile, connect to the Internet, go to and click on “Flight status”. There you’ll find the latest information on your flight. So you’ll know what’s happening, wherever you are.

Want to know when there are flights from A to B? Click on “Flight plan” and choose the best flight for you.

Changing a booking

Things not going according to plan? Something's come up and you need change your booking? Don't fret!

Using the Germanwings mobile service you can use your mobile to change your flight details up to 2 hours before departure, wherever you are.

Account balance

Find out how many miles you have – whenever you want.

Think you’re almost due for a reward flight? Now you can check your Boomerang Club account on your mobile. Connect to the Internet on your mobile and go to Select “Miles” and enter your user name and password and find out how many miles you have.

Please note

If your booking consists of an etix® ticket number and/or a Germanwings flight booked via one of our partner airlines, not all Germanwings mobile services will be available.