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Which pieces of electronic equipment am I allowed to use on board?

From March 2014 you are permitted to use electronic equipment (e.g. tablets, smart phones, MP3 players, Game Boys and other battery-powered devices) on board all Germanwings flights after leaving the parking position, during take-off and landing, during the flight and up until the point the flight reaches its destination parking position, provided the device is in ‘flight mode’. This means the send and receive modes must be switched off.

If you are sitting in an emergency-exit row, your electronic devices must be in your hand luggage or in the seat pocket during take-off and landing. This rule is applicable on all Germanwings’ Airbus A319 and A320 aircraft. Furthermore the crew’s instructions must be followed.

As a general principle mobile phones cannot be used if they are in send and receive mode. As a general principle devices that operate on wireless technology (radios, remote-controlled devices, etc.) cannot be used. Hearing aids and pacemakers are allowed. On flights operated by our partner airlines the rules and regulations of the respective airline apply.

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