Frequently asked questions

"New Germanwings"

Will there be changes to the timetable?

Over the next two years ‘new Germanwings’ will gradually take over all Lufthansa routes not operating out of the Frankfurt and Munich hubs. Included thus are the current Lufthansa connections in Cologne, Düsseldorf, Hamburg, Hanover, Stuttgart and Berlin. This process has already partially begun, in Stuttgart and Hamburg, for instance.

Over time the other legs will be transferred to Germanwings starting with Berlin and continuing with Hamburg and Düsseldorf. Overall ‘new Germanwings’ will have an expanded timetable and eventually fly to around 110 destinations once the transitional period is over.

I have a Lufthansa booking for one of the affected routes. What happens if ...

... Germanwings starts operating this route?

If a scheduled Lufthansa flight is taken over by Germanwings, your booking will automatically be changed. Your ticket will still be valid. Business class and economy flex fares (LH booking classes Y, B and M) will be rebooked to Germanwings’ highest booking class (I). You will receive updated information as to the changes.

How is the fare structure going to change?

In the broader context of economy class ‘new Germanwings’ will offer three fare brackets with differing services included.

In the BEST-fare bracket, the highest category, our target customers are business travellers. This isn’t to say that non-business travellers won’t find it attractive.

The SMART-fare bracket includes certain services and you can add individual extras as you wish.

The BASIC-fare bracket is our pure low-cost option. Here we have maintained Germanwings’ enticing 33 € starting fare for one-way tickets.

The BEST and SMART-fare brackets will also include fully flexible variations. These new fares will be bookable as of 1st July 2013. For a more detailed summary of the various fare elements please go to our fare overview.

In future will Germanwings offer free drinks and snacks as Lufthansa currently does?

In the SMART and BEST fare drinks and snacks are included: SMART passengers receive a Smartbox (hearty snack, 0.2 l still water and a chocolate bar) plus a second drink*, and BEST customers can choose their favourite snack à la carte from our Sky Bistro menu.

The BASIC fare only includes the flight. However, as with SMART passengers, you can purchase snacks and drinks from our wide selection.

* 0.15 l Sprite, Coke, Diet Coke or 0.2 l juice, mineral water, coffee or tea

What about the frequent-flyer programmes?

Germanwings’ frequent-flyer programme, the Boomerang Club, will still exist and ‘new Germanwings’ will also be part of Lufthansa’s Miles&More programme. As to date, you will be able to choose which programme you want each time you book a flight.

You can collect reward and status miles with Germanwings flights or use premium miles collected to book your next Germanwings flight.

How many aircraft will ‘new Germanwings’ be operating?

Alongside the 38 aircraft Germanwings currently operates, around 28 Lufthansa aircraft will be transferred to Germanwings.

Additionally, the 23 aircraft currently operated by Eurowings covering Lufthansa flights not flying out of the Frankfurt and Munich hubs will also be incorporated into Germanwings. The ownership structure, however, will not change.

Overall ‘new Germanwings’ will operate around 90 aircraft. 

Will I only be able to book ‘new Germanwings’ flights online?

No, you will be able to book ‘new Germanwings’ flights through all the normal channels, in travel agencies too. Germanwings routes will also be available on Lufthansa websites.