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What should I be aware of when checking in luggage with connecting flights?

When you catch a Germanwings connecting flight you only pay the luggage surcharge and any possible excess luggage surcharge once for the whole route from departure airport to connecting airport and on to the destination airport. You check in your luggage at the departure airport and then change planes without any hassle at the connecting airport. Your luggage is checked through to the destination airport.

If you depart from a Germanwings airport within Germany (except Friedrichshafen and Rostock) and change planes in Cologne, Stuttgart, Hanover or Berlin, you will receive your boarding card for the whole journey at the departure airport.

For all other Germanwings flights with connections in Cologne or Stuttgart you will be given your boarding card for the connecting flight at the Germanwings transfer desk in the gate area of the airport you change planes in. Please follow the signs.

If you change planes in Berlin or Hanover, you will be given the boarding pass for the onward flight at the Germanwings transfer desk, located in the departure hall at each transfer airport.

Please note:
Due to customs regulations it is unfortunately impossible for us to check your luggage all the way through on some Germanwings routes with a connection.

For flights from non-Schengen* and/or non-EU departure airports such as Istanbul, Izmir, Moscow, Pula, Split and Zagreb with connections in Berlin we would ask you to pick up your luggage on arrival in Berlin and proceed to the Germanwings transfer desk in the main hall, where you will receive the boarding card for your connecting flight. The transfer desk is well signposted. It is next to the normal check-in desks just 100 metres from the luggage retrieval hall.

*You can find a list of Schengen countries on the European Commission’s homepage.

On flights operated by our partner airlines their conditions apply.

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