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What do I need to remember when adding a Rail&Fly ticket at a later date?

If you want to book an online Rail&Fly at a later date, as usual you can choose between “return trip” or “outward journey only”. You cannot book a “return journey” by itself.

If when you booked the flight you selected “outward journey only”, you cannot then subsequently book the return journey.

Please note that with a completed flight booking for two or more people, you cannot add train tickets at a later date for individual passengers, you must book train tickets for everyone.

Click here for more information on booking Rail&Fly tickets.

If your booked international Germanwings flight consists of an etix® ticket number and/or a Germanwings flight booked with one of our partner airlines or at a travel agency, to book or add on Rail&Fly tickets please contact the relevant airline or travel agency.

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