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What are the general conditions for group bookings?

1. Scope of validity
The Germanwings General Conditions for Group Bookings apply for every act of transportation of a group of more than nine passengers and luggage (a “group booking”) booked and carried out by Germanwings GmbH (hereinafter referred to as “Germanwings”.)

2. Contract of Carriage / Booking
The Contract of Carriage is created by the act of the contact person returning the booking offer (Offer) and Germanwings issuing the Booking Confirmation (Acceptance). 
The contact person acts as representative of the members of the group, unless the booking is for a family. In this case the contact person enters into the Contract of Carriage in his own name on behalf of the individual members of the group.

3. Completion via contact person
The completion of the booking, including its payment, shall be carried out with and by the person named in the Offer as the contact person. Necessary information such as Germanwings General Conditions of Carriage (GCC), flight timetables, flight changes etc., must be passed on at the correct time and fully to all members of the group. Information in the possession of the contact person shall be deemed to have been passed on to group members.

4. Passenger names list
A complete list of the names of all group members must be provided to Germanwings four working days before departure at the latest.

5. Rebooking / Cancellation
Rebooking (changing of flight times or dates) is possible for a fee (per person and flight segment), including the difference between the old and new flight fare. Thereafter rebooking is not possible. On group bookings for 12 or more passengers you have the right to cancel 10% (rounded down in line with the number of passengers) of people’s reservations up to one month before departure and be refunded the appropriate portion of the airfare. Extra passengers (1-9 people) may only be booked in a separate transaction via our website or the Germanwings call centre at the rate applicable at the time of booking (subject to availability).

6. Refusal to board a member of the group
If a member of the group should be denied boarding for a legitimate reason, this does not grant the remaining members of the group the right to refuse to be carried. The obligation to pay the full group fare remains.
In addition the General Conditions of Carriage (GCC) also apply insofar as these General Conditions for Group Bookings do not expressly contradict them.

If you would like to make group bookings on partner-airline flights, please contact the respective airline. The rules and provisions of the partner airline apply.

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