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What are the different ways of paying?

Germanwings credit cards:
The easiest way to pay is with our Germanwings credit cards (German). If you pay for your Germanwings flight booked on the Germanwings website with a Germanwings credit card, you can collect up to 3 miles per 1 € spent. Plus you always get 250 extra miles for each Germanwings flight booked on the Germanwings website. There is a surcharge per booking.
There is a reduced surcharge fee every time you book extras at a later date or purchase vouchers by credit card.

Direct debit:
You can book by direct debit up to 5 days before departure. Direct debit is only available from current accounts in Germany. Please make sure that your account has sufficient funds both when you complete the booking and when the transaction actually goes through!

If you cancel a payment or there are insufficient funds in your account, the resulting costs will be added to the travel fare. Please do not carry out any further money transfers to us if a debit card transaction is returned unpaid. We will contact you. Payment by direct debit is only available for flights on offer in Euros.

There are slightly different direct-debit rules when you book partner-airline flights on the Germanwings website.

Credit cards:
You can pay quickly and easily with MasterCard, American Express, Diners Club, VISA Card, VISA Electron, VISA Debit Card or AirPlus cards. Eurocheque cards are not currently accepted. Your card must be activated for payment by telephone or over the Internet. Please ask the issuing bank if you are unsure. For payments other than with VISA Electron or VISA Debit Card there is a surcharge per booking.

There is a reduced surcharge fee every time you book extras at a later date or purchase vouchers by credit card.

There may be differing credit-card rules when you book partner-airline flights on the Germanwings website.

It’s easy to pay by PayPal. In line with PayPal’s conditions of use you can authorise us to withdraw due payments from your PayPal account or inform PayPal to transfer us the amount outstanding.
There is a surcharge every time you book using this method of payment. If you pay for extra services at a later date or purchase vouchers using PayPal, there is a reduced surcharge per transaction.

RatePAY invoice:
With a RatePAY invoice you can pay the fare including any fee-incurring supplementary services agreed on when the contract of carriage is finalised by bank transfer.

You can pay for an online booking using RatePAY if the amount due is between 20 € and €2,000, is not in a foreign currency and if you have given your private residential address in Austria or the Federal Republic of Germany as the invoice and contact address during the booking process. There is a surcharge per booking.

Payment by RatePAY is dependent on a successful creditworthiness examination. For further details please consult the RatePAY data protection declaration. If this payment type is not available, we will offer you an alternative method of payment.

Once we have approved your request to pay using RatePAY, the amount to be paid will be due for payment on the 10th bank working day after booking, or at the latest on the 5th bank working day before the first departure date. The determining factor will be whether the payment has reached the recipient account. Please only make payments to the bank account indicated on the RatePAY invoice.

Only bookings made in person at a Germanwings desk can be paid for in cash.

Under ‘payment’ you can also choose ‘voucher’. Enter your voucher code and then check your details and travel plans in the basket. Click on ‘confirm booking’ to finalise the transaction.

If the fare of the flight selected is superior to the value of the voucher, you can obviously pay the rest using another method of payment or with another voucher.

Vouchers are only valid for Germanwings’ flights and services and cannot be used for combi-packages (flight and hotel, etc.) or partner offers (Rail&Fly, rental cars, hotels, etc.).

Please note the different terms of use for vouchers and promotional vouchers.

Vouchers can sometimes not be used to pay for partner-airline flights via the Germanwings website.

Please note:
Please understand that we cannot always provide for all methods of payment.

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