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What does “Payment Status: declined/pending” under “My Booking” mean?

The payment status indicates whether the transaction for your booking has been successfully completed or not:

DECLINED – the payment could not be completed or has been returned unpaid.
Please note that according to the Conditions of Carriage (Point 4.5 and 4.6) reservations can be cancelled without further notice in the event of an unsuccessful payment transaction. 

PENDING – the authorisation process was not completed.
Since it is possible for various reasons for the payment process to be interrupted and/or delayed, we will keep your seat reserved for the time being. If it is subsequently not possible for your payment to be completed, the status of your transaction will change to “Declined” (see above).

CONFIRMED – the payment was completed and the reservation is confirmed.
For further details regarding your payment status please contact our call centre.

In order to check the status of your payment, please click here.

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