Frequently asked questions

How does blind booking work?

With blind booking you have to be spontaneous because you don’t know straight away where you’re going. Instead we guarantee you last-minute low fares!

Where you eventually end up remains a mystery till you’ve finished the booking process. Obviously you tell us when and where you want to leave and what you’re in the mood for.

This is how it works:
On the blind-booking page just choose your departure airport and the travel theme by clicking on one of the offers, such as “party” or “culture”. Underneath each heading you’ll see a list of destinations, one of which you’ll be assigned at the end of the booking process.

Then you enter the dates you want to fly and the number of people travelling.

After that you can exclude individual destinations for a small surcharge.

After you enter your personal details and finish the actual booking, we tell you your destination so that you can start preparing. Blind Booking flights can be paid for by voucher.

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