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What should I consider when carrying liquids in my hand baggage?

Above and beyond other hand-luggage provisions the following rules governing the transport of fluids on board aircraft apply to departures within the European Union, as well as for many other countries (including Switzerland, Russia, Iceland, Croatia, Israel, Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia and Norway).

All liquids (such as toiletries and cosmetics, gels, pastes, creams, lotions, mixtures of liquids and solids, perfumes, pressurised containers, cans, water bottles, etc.) as well as wax and gel-like substances may only be carried on board in amounts smaller than 100 ml or 100 g.

  • These liquids or substances must be packed in closed containers in a transparent, re-sealable plastic bag (max. contents 1 kg).
  • It is the passenger’s responsibility to purchase this bag before departure. They are available in many supermarkets, e.g. as freezer bags. It is currently not possible for passengers to obtain or purchase the required bags from Germanwings check-in desks.
  • Prescription medicines and baby food may still be carried in hand baggage. The passenger must prove that such medicines and/or baby food are needed during the flight.
  • Products and bags, which do not meet the requirements or are only sealed with a rubber band or similar, will unfortunately have to be surrendered by passengers.

In order to pass through the airport as quickly as possible, you are strongly advised to pack any liquids or gels which are not essential for your journey on board the aircraft in your checked baggage if possible.

As a matter of course, liquids from the Travel Value / Duty Free shops, which have been purchased after you have passed through security, are still allowed on board.
Germanwings shall not be liable for any items, which passengers are prohibited from carrying in their hand baggage for security reasons and are required to surrender at the security checkpoint.

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