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What do I do if my checked baggage has been damaged?

We very much regret that your luggage was damaged on a Germanwings flight. To process this case we would ask you to send us the following original documents by post within 7 days (after this time we can no longer process claims) to the address below:


  • booking code (online confirmation number)
  • damage report issued by the destination airport
  • receipt/appraisal from a specialist luggage company on the value/condition of the damaged luggage
  • your bank details (remember to include your IBAN and swift code if you have a non-German account)
  • your telephone number in case we need to contact you with any queries or information
  • your baggage tag

PLEASE NOTE: You must not send us any credit card details.

Germanwings GmbH 
Lost & Found Headquarters
Customer Service
Germanwings-Straße 1
D-51147 Cologne

Fax: 02203-1027 208

Once we have received your documents we will phone you as soon as possible.


We would point out that we do not assume liability for wear and tear to your luggage or for damage caused by the luggage itself:

  • oversized and excessively heavy luggage
  • non-airworthy packages (cardboard boxes, plastic bags, etc.)
  • luggage with limited release
  • scratches and dents on luggage
  • dirty luggage

If your checked luggage is damaged during a flight operated by one of our partner airlines, please contact the airline directly.

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