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What arrangements are there for the transportation of animals?

You can book the transportation of your pet on Germanwings flights in step 2 of the online booking process as an “optional service” using the Germanwings website.

You can also take pets on Germanwings flights booked via one of our partner airlines or at a travel agency. Please contact the airline or travel agency for more information.

Please note that Germanwings only transports cats and dogs in the cabin. A condition of carriage is that the animals weigh no more than 8 kg, including the transport bag, which must be closed, bite-proof and watertight while still allowing air to circulate (no hard-shell containers). This bag may be no larger than 40 x 40 x 25.5 cm in size. We cannot carry any cats and dogs weighing more than 8 kg including the transport container. The pet must be able to stand upright in the bag. It must have enough room to turn around and lie in a natural position. We only allow one pet per bag and person. Please note that we can refuse to carry the animal if the bag does not meet the requirements.

Category 1 restricted breeds, such as pit bulls, Staffordshire bull terriers, etc., cannot be carried for safety reasons.

You can also register pets online at “My Germanwings” or via the respective partner airline or travel agency even after you have completed the booking process. Click here for further online registering information.

If you are booking by phone, please contact our call centre.

Click here for the charges for the transport of pets.

If your booking consists of an etix® ticket number and/or a Germanwings flights booked via one of our partner airlines or at a travel agency, fees may differ. Please contact the respective airline or travel agency for more information.

Due to national immigration regulations, we regret that we cannot carry any pets on flights from and to the UK and Ireland.

On flights operated by our partner airlines their conditions apply.

On 1 October 2004 an EU regulation came into force setting out veterinary conditions for the transport of pets aimed at controlling rabies. If you wish to take your pet on a flight with you, it is important that you familiarise yourself with the appropriate entry requirements. Please read the regulation prior to booking or check with your vet, local veterinary department or the relevant border control service.

Here you can read the EU regulation online!

When travelling with pets to Israel the following conditions apply: for cats and dogs you must have an official veterinarian’s health certificate, issued in the previous 10 days, which provides an attestation of all necessary vaccines needed for the animal. Cats and dogs younger than 3 months may not be introduced.

For the transport of pets from Israel (also applicable to pets being returned!) the following conditions apply:
- Identification with microchip (ISO Norm 11784 or 11785)
- official medical health certificate issued by the regional veterinarian 10 days before travel
- vaccination record with valid rabies vaccination (carried out at least 30 days and no longer than 12 months before departure)
- proof of rabies antibodies
- blood inspection carried out in the Belt Dagan Institute of Veterinary Medicine at least 30 days after the vaccination and at least 3 months before departure to Europe

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