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Boomerang Club partner: e-Rewards

We invite you to become a member of e-Rewards®
As a Boomerang Club member, we invite you to join the e-Rewards® Opinion Panel. As a Member of e-Rewards, you’ll accrue e-Rewards earnings for participating in market research surveys that have been selected to match your interests. The opinion points™ you earn can be redeemed for  miles. You'll receive 250 miles when you complete your first survey within 2 months of enrolling.*  

You will be invited to enrol and earn opinion points™ for participating in market research surveys soon.

* Bonus miles are available to newly enrolled e-Rewards members only.

Collect miles now:
2,000 Opinion points = 500 miles
4,000 Opinion points = 1,000 miles
8,000 Opinion points = 2,000 miles
Here you collect:
up to 2,000 miles

for your opinion